Vintage Trend Stock Report: 60's Edition

Trends come and go.  There's a reason why certain garments are forever and can be considered classics.  Vintage is no different in that certain throwback styles rear their head long enough and garner sufficient attention to make it to the main stream.  Here we'll look at a few trends of the 1960's and base whether they have that "staying power" on their stock in the streets.

Converse Chuck Taylors (blue chip)

Chucks not going anywhere.  Forty years from now there will be cockroaches, taxes and Converse All-Stars.  


Suede Jackets and Sweaters  (up)

Seen paired with tailored trousers and sharp lace-ups or penny loafers, this look is channels the inner 60’s jazz musician in everyone.  


Two Toned Dress shoes (up)

Many of the high end designers have reconfigured the two toned wing tip with black upper/white bottom to fit the minimal aesthetic everyone is rocking right about now.  Those have been brewing for a while, but the mod style Creepers and tassled penny loafers are now catching my eye Uptown and in areas of BK.  When Junya Wantanabe puts them into his fall/winter ‘15 runway show, you know it’s next up.


Turtlenecks (up)

Whether it be the chunky or the slim, form-fitting persuasion, quite a few editorials are showcasing an updated form of the old existentialist uniform. The turtleneck under a deconstructed solid or elbow patched tweed blazer is on the come up.  


Letterman Apparel (blue chip)

The Answer: Rudy, Cochise, your Grandaddy and Opening Ceremony…  Question: Why are letterman jackets still on top?


Fishtail Parkas (down)

Bet you didn’t know those olive fishtail parkas that everyone bought in droves two years ago started in 60’s.  I don’t see them quite as much entering the fall season here in NYC.  It seems as if MA-1 bomber jackets have taken its place on top of the fall/winter military jacket pyramid


Harrington Jacket (up)

One of the all-time kings of style, Steve McQueen, put the Baracuta G9 harrington jacket on the map in the movie Bullit and it seems like today’s menswear designers took note.  


Wide Collar Shirts (down)

With the fashion industry showing the 60’s/70’s vibes lots of love during the summer of ‘15, more adventurous designers ventured back into the world of huge shirt collars. I tend to think this trend is one you don't see too many people wearing because the look goes directly against the minimal, streamlined look of today.  Why not go against the grain though?  


Bell Bottoms (down)

They tried... I tried to push the bell bottoms back into the streets. Apparently, most of the streets aren’t ready.  Women took to them like a fish to water, but no such luck with guys.  I’ve seen very few fellas willing to go this route and it pains me. 


Desert Boots (blue chip)

When fall comes, bank on Timbs, Wallabees and Desert Boots.  Preps and street kids alike should thank those clever, clever Mods from 1960’s UK for breaking these in for the masses.  Worn over baggy jeans or tailored trousers, there aren’t many options as versatile or durable.  


Got a vintage trend rising up near you? Let us know in the comment section and we'll try to feature your tip in an upcoming report.