The Summer Wave: Vintage Looks for 2017's Sunny Season

A few weeks ago, amidst a litany of delayed group projects and finals papers, a departing roommate and incoming family visits I shot Sedrick in the recently vacated 2nd bedroom of my apartment.  I’d originally planned on taking the shots outside, but the dreary lighting outdoors along with the thought of the upcoming stress points forced something of a paralyzing mechanism. 

However, as you can tell by the pastels and patterns I picked out at Hamlet’s Vintage down in West Village and NWC Thrift around the corner at 134th and 8th Ave., the dreary day didn’t outweigh my excitement for the oncoming days of summer. The travels, the weekend pickup games, cookouts and the extended nights that summer produces deserves colors and patterns that pay homage.

My favorite vintage patterns and pastel textures for the season are the silky and free flowing Aloha shirts first popularized in the 1950’s (1970s and 80s brought the use of silks and rayon to the aloha and floral patterned shirt), sears sucker cottons and oversized statement t-shirts. 

Influences for the selection included: the end of club football season, the rockabilly uniform, (for which Sedrick and his brilliantly coiffed pompadour only elevated in the final product) as well as the West Coast year round aesthetic (Dâm-Funk and Dirty Beaches were in heavy rotation for the month).    

All Items from the shoot can be purchased in the TFM Shop

Levi's Baby Blue Model 2.jpg

Model: @Sedrick_Daniels

Styling: @the_funkymonsieur

Clothing via: @hamletsvintage | NWC Thrift