Letdowns & Friend of a Friend Mix: Ksenia Palfy for 20ft. Radio

Two weeks ago my girlfriend and I made the trip downtown to what is beginning to seem like a monthly pilgrimage to the London inspired Back to Life party hosted at Louie & Chan.  A good friend from school met us there with her good friend on the way as well. 

That night, the legendary Stretch Armstrong was on the bill.  I was on the fence about going but when would I have the chance to hear Stretch play to a crowd of this sort of energy again?  So, I pulled up some inspiration in the form of a 2016 Boiler Room set by Stretch.  It was all house music, which I wouldn't normally associate him with and it was doper than 90% of top shelf dj's I'd heard in the last 5 yrs in NYC.  So, there was the carrot... a chance to hear Stretch restore my hope in the night and to a tiny degree, partying in NYC. 

Needless to say, after about 20 minutes of intriguing old reggae cuts, it seemed like he mailed it in.  Jay-Z ----> Kanye----> Kanye----> DMX ----> Carmon (didn't mind that too much) ----> Migos maybe???

I left early man. The reasons why such a storied technician would mentally take the night off are endless and I can't fault the guy because who knows what his mental state was at the time.  Maybe he wasn't inspired by the crowd or maybe this was his 3rd gig in as many nights.  Who knows... His legacy lives on regardless of how the night went.  OG's earn the right to fade into the sunset I guess. 

Back to my friend and her friend who comes up looking like a pixie haired model which she is and also, I'm relayed over a thumping beat, a pretty decent DJ.  We briefly spoke to one another, but I'm pretty bad at conversations in that atmosphere. 

The next day, I'm passed a mix of hers and took a listen while I walked around Harlem for a bit.  As I started up the hill near City College the soundscape began an ambient pattern and by the time I'd hit 150th & Broadway, it melted into some 80's synth grooves.  My legs were walking just like most on the street but in my head, I was partying. 

So in essence, I got my groove in for the weekend- in a roundabout way.

The aforementioned mix by Ksenia Palfy