Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah in Harlem

The other day I saw that Christian Scott Atunde Adjuah will make another visit to Harlem Stage February 15th through the 18th.  Aside from his performances, he'll be bringing a round of dialogue discussions in round-table form .  Though I've taken quite a liking to his music in the past few years, Scott's visits seem to always allude me.  This time, I'm not missing it.

For those unfamiliar with Scott, I'd call him one of the most talented trumpet players of my generation.  Not only is he able to call on the influence of Gillespie and Miles, but also to infuse this generation's love of hip hop, sounds of South America, the Caribbean, Ghana, Mali, Senegal and the distinct flavor from his hometown of New Orleans. 

What he does is steeped in indisputable technique and talent, but also in the funk, waviness or whatever you want to call it.  In my opinion his talent, artistic style and flexibility have the ability to create a high level link between one of America's greatest creations and today's hip hop obsessed consumer. 

Anyway, I'm looking forward to going to see him and his ensemble on Feb. 17th or 18th.  If you'd like to go, you can purchase tickets at Harlem Stage's official website