Fresh In: Bayside Marlin Aloha Shirt

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Sometimes you don't realize what you have til it's gone.  Back in June, when folks in my circle were begging for a respite from the heat, it almost felt like a foregone conclusion that someone would bring up their anticipation for the fall and finally the winter because that's where all the fantastic layering possibilities would come into play.  Layering has been fun and all and it is a great feeling to walk into an Uptown coffee shop on a day when it's brick outside, but bring back that heat man. 

Besides the fact that this shirt has a great colorway for spring or summer, that need for heat directed me towards this aloha shirt.  100% Rayon and ripe for an oversized "We really out here" accompanying motto, don't take the transformative properties of this shirt lightly.  It could be the spark you need for the day. 

Origin: @Hamletsvintage

Era: 90's

Size: Large