Swangin Wide: A Seat at the Table (Chopped & Screwed)

by Ryan

My favorite mix for this week, brought to you by Houston’s own DJ Auditory, is both nostalgic and futuristic for me.  Back in the early 2000’s my high school classmates in the small town of Madison, Mississippi were heavily invested in the Houston’s “screw” culture (at least the musical aspect).  See, in the south, driving is essential to life and cars become more like extensions of your home.  The music you bump was your calling card.  Anyway, all of us would stay after school or basketball practice, open the car doors and bang the latest hits; chopped up by the legendary SwishaHouse, Color Changin' Click and Screwed Up Click.  It became an ongoing competition to see who would showed up with the most unexpected songs screwed.  I remember it being so gratifying to throw my mix CD with Pharrell's Frontin’ into my box Chevy Suburban. 

Earlier this month, Solange released one of the most complete and thoughtful albums I've come across this year.  Not only is it grounded in the ongoing black experience, self-discovery, sadness and empowerment, but it jams.  A Seat at the Table features masterfully heartfelt commentary from her parents as well as the legend Master P, providing recounts of their own experience as African Americans at different times in their lives.  In particular, the decision of incorporating Master P in such a stripped down level of conversation brings another element to table, men and our feelings.  Hearing the man associated controlling his own destiny through the mega success of No Limit Records speak so candidly about his inner thoughts (in what sounds like an authentically vulnerable voice), invites us Black males to take the hyper masculine mask off for a second. There’s no need to act like you don’t sing along with the women on the track when you’re in the shower with your phone turned all the way up.  It’s fine bro, sympathize with her and bang out with her.  

Anyway, without further ramblings...

Click the pic to listen and download the full tape

Click the pic to listen and download the full tape

Props to DJ Auditory!!!

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