5 Golden Rules for Thrifting in 2k16


I’ve visited a great many thrift stores for about ten years.  The rush of finding a jewel within a sea of tossed threads feels like what I’d imagine winning a game of roulette must feel like.  Of course, one reason I search these cold warehouses plastic hanger by plastic hanger is to provide you guys with unique pieces consistently but I do it for the love.  It seems like everyone has their quirky thrift superstitions, but the list below is five foundation tips. Follow these and your thrift adventures should yield fruitful results in the new year.  



1.  Lend at least an hour to the hunt

I find that hunting with extreme time constraints severely hinder my ability to conceptualize and envision possibilities beyond the current trends, be it Tommy gear, Carhartt stuff or track jackets.  There should be a bit of time to take a gander, brood, try on things and ultimately make a selection.  This is especially true when searching for items that cause a real stir. My favorite places to hunt are the warehouse style stores and it can take a while to comb through the various sections. And, don’t take your friends who are going to passive aggressively rush you.


2.  Watch Your Back!  


You think that kid behind you with the nicely faded vintage Levi's 501s and Reebok Classics isn’t stealthily watching your pickups? Don’t be a victim. When you pick up a little treasure and put it back on the rack, it’s fair game to be swiped.  The best practice is to just take your “maybe” stash with you wherever you go until you finally make the decision on what will make the cut.  There is, however, a fine line between protecting stuff that you’re actually considering and hoarding, which is bad form in the thrift.

3.  Come with an Open Eye and Heart


Chances are you won’t find EXACTLY what you’re looking for and that's precisely the joy of a good thrift hunt.  This isn’t some J. Crew store in the mall.  Visualize the look you’re going for and imagine what COULD BE with the off-kilter variations the thrift offers.  Put your imagination, something that mass production has on the ropes, to use. Fashion should be fun and you can breath your own spirit into these forgotten garments.

4.  Double Check for Dimensions and Blemishes


While it's dope that you found a size medium harrington jacket, make sure to give it another look.  It’ll suck when you get home and find that there is a humongous paint splatter in a highly noticeable location of the garment. Additionally, take into account the sizing differences of past decades. American brands have been playing with sizing to compensate for the growing waistlines of its consumers and their fragile psyche.  What was a size 40 sportcoat in 1970 may fit a bit differently.  


5.  Thrift Karma


There’s something to be said about only filling your plate with what you can eat.  Similarly, it’s best to appease the thrift gods by leaving things that you’re on the fence about.  If you have a full buggy of “definitely” and a handful of “eh” items, just leave the latter.  Someone else will probably come behind and scoop it, but you probably weren’t really sold on it anyway.  Think of it as the “Thrift Circle of Life”.  On the next visit, thou shall reap your reward.  


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