Reblogged: An A-Z Guide to Hosting Beautifully

Spotted by Ryan Young

Summer is the time to get up with the fam and buddies to celebrate life.  Some of my best memories stem from cookouts I've had the pleasure of hosting and those put together by my family back in the day.  This morning, while blog surfing, I spotted an article that speaks to this time of year and more specifically the art of throwing a memorable get-together (or kick back depending on where you hail from).  

The article, which was originally produced by the Belgium-based brewery Stella Artois and London-based creative agency Protein asks celeb chefs, artists various others to share their favorite hosting tips before incorporating in a cool A-Z format.  Everything from preparing plates from local ingredients to dressing the part is mentioned.

L for local ingredients

For me, these little tips are great.  I've been lucky enough to attend some great cookouts thrown by family and friends, but I always look for ways to put a spin on things.  It helps to learn from those that have experimented and found what works best.  Who knows, you may catch something in this article featured at one of TFM's summer gatherings...maybe :)

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