Vintage Style on Film: Serpico

Al Pacino has garnered numerous considerations as being one of the best film actors of his generation with memorable roles in some class movies, that hopefully you've had a chance to see.  The list of characters he's owned includes: Tony Montana (Scarface), Michael Corleone (Godfather Series), Frank Slade (Scent of a Woman), Bobby (The Panic in Needle Park) and so on and so on.  On a style front, his role as Serpico in the 1973 true story of Frank Serpico, a New York City narcotics agent who faces deadly opposition and eventually gets jammed up trying to confront the dirty skimming and extortion practices of his corrupt colleagues from within the NYC police force. 

One of the interesting side notes in this story is Serpico's character as an evolving human.  He's living in New York when it wasn't the Disney Land many consider it today (don't shoot the messenger).  It wasn't cookie cutter and there were true characters running around.  In the film he moves into a small apartment in The Village with an artsy girlfriend who entourages him to step out of his comfort zone and his seemingly narrow sensibilities.  One could say she had the Erykah Badu effect (See Andre 3000 and Common and Jay Electronica..).  He starts taking yoga, reading up on things, grows a ridiculously lavish beard (beard life!) and wearing some delightfully awesome threads!

Serpico goes from being "Everyman" to a style icon donned in effortlessly cool military issued jackets, skull caps, bohemian linen and knit sweaters.  His aura of fresh gauges your eyes out, lol (turtleneck game is on 100,000).  It seemed as if the theme of his wardrobe was conveying the feeling of being totally unafraid of stepping outside of expectations.  He did catch flack for his long hair, bell bottoms and various other aspects of his changing style, but he kept pushing on, just as he did when he spoke out against the injustice of the system.