Go Big or Go Home: Channeling Your Inner Ace Rothstein

Quite often, it' said that, in order to break the rules, one must first have to understand them.  Of my favorite film characters and style references, Sam "Ace" Rothstein from Casino is quite contradictory.  As an expert handicapper turned owner of a mob tied casino owner, he understood the rules of several games before he broke them to make extreme profit.  His sartorial choices took the same cue, as his tailored suites and huge sunnies were opposite to what a well respected and typically under-the-radar mob-tied earner should be wearing.

Pointers we should take from Ace this summer: 

  • Colors are just that, colors: Get it out of your head that pastel equates to girl and blue to boy!  We aren't toddlers anymore.  The western marketing machine doesn't have to have you by the balls all of the time. 
  • Warm weather calls for light and breathable fabric: Think silk, Rayon or some of the new synthetics being used in athletic wear.  Going against the grain is fine and all, but wearing wool and heavy cottons are going to leave you looking uncomfortable and stiff.
  • Grab some statement pieces: Wear crazy stuff man, as long as you can reign in the overall look with a few surrounding classics, statement pieces add flair and a heir of irreverence.  Think Dennis Rodman with the '95 Chicago Bulls.  He was all sorts of crazy, but when surrounded by the pinpoint focus of Pip and MJ, he became cool (his extra ugly Converse sneakers, "The Worm", were not cool though).   
  • Have fun with fashion:  Have you ever run across someone so polished and stiff with all new things that it looks kinda sad?  Have some fun and don't take yourself so serious in these streets.

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