Vintage Sounds: Revolutions on Air

The 80's stake claim to some harsh realities that many tend to gloss over because of the eras.  Try the Cold-War, Reagan, the Crack Epidemic in major metro areas and the crippling effect that funding cuts had on many social programs. 

Inevitably creativity rises from the ruins.  Hip-Hop largely owes its creation and dance music, its world-wide growth to the underclasses of NYC.  Coincidently, one of the chief reasons the genres could take off in the city and worldwide is the limited availability of new music streams they had.  There was just a man and his radio/cassette boom box. Radio DJs became crucial figures in the era's progression.  Legends like Tony Humphries, The Latin Rascals, DJ Red Alert and various others combined their innate ear for sound with what was organically coming from the street to provide a consistent flow of new music.  Heads had to tune in at the same time to hear the latest newest tracks and edits.

This short, produced by Red Bull Academy, focuses on the personalities that helped create the scene and some that were heavily influenced by them.  This era should be part of art history, especially in a country that tends to disproportionately consume and outsource creativity.  No matter how commercialized and gargantuan Hip Hop and EDM may seem now, there was an infancy. It was created by people like you and me.