Super Underrated: Eddie Murphy's Wardrobe in Boomerang

Never mind the fact that the movie wasa tried and true tale of a player who got played but still walked off with the good girl in the end.  What director Reginald Hudlin and costume director Franine Jamison-Tanchuk did with a Eddie Murphy's barrage of off kilter jackets, zippered tunics and turtlenecks rivaled Armani's much acclaimed one and a half hour commercial,  American Gigolo.  Also, never forget that Eddie provided us with THE archetypal playboy fade haircut you see today.  It wasn't quite a high top but it wasn't military issue.  It was just Eddie at the height of his career with one of the more fashion forward wardrobes of the era. 

What do you think?  Which films would you credit with pushing the boundaries of menswear at the time of their release? 

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