Vintage Icons: No. 3 Dapper Dan

Back in the 80's, every hustler and rapper on the East Coast went to Harlem's Dapper Dan for custom threads.  Often his custom apparel would involve re imagining how "high fashion" logos and fabric could be used to fit his market.  Various stars in the black community called Dan a trailblazer even though "high fashion" brands ultimately shut him out (along with many other people of color) of their creative processes.  It could be argued that he has done more for those fashion houses in familiarizing a large consumer segment with their offerings than any marketing campaign could in those days.

Today, you can still see his influence in new lines Hood By Air, Kenzo, Opening Ceremony and many other street wear brands in the use of garment logos and the hip hop edge.  Please pay homage to this guy, because he basically birthed the styles that do huge numbers at the present time. Not bad for a Harlemite they blackballed..

video compliments of Life + Times Magazine