Super Underrated: The Pork Pie Hat

Been around since 1830ish but, still making its presence felt.  There are many different levels of pork pies, not just the one Heisenberg wore on Breaking Bad. Take a look below for a brief timeline of the pork pie hat. 

  • 1930's (Depression Era) - Popular Advocate: Buster Keaton & Lester Young
  • 1940's (Zoot Suite Era)- Popular Advocates: Savoy club dancers
  • 1960's (Rudies All Around Era)- Popular Advocates: Prince Buster, Thelonious Monk
  • 1980's (Rude boy Revival Era) Popular Advocates: Ska revivalists
  • 2010+ (Men's hat reemergence) Popular Advocates: Paris boys, Heisenberg, Bushwick clubbers