Vintage Icons

Highlighting the cats that lend vintage inspiration in sourcing our pieces as well as creating our looks.


Peter Tosh

In terms of fashion, Tosh represents what we all want..effortless cool. Whether it was his headgear, warm earth tones or the military inspired outerwear, it was always natural.



No. 2

David Bowie Aka Ziggy Stardust Aka Thin White Duke

Versatility in style plays a big role in the ability to even consider stepping out in clothing that may turn a few heads. It's very difficult to conjure anyone exemplifing this greater than Bowie. You want mod? He got you. Want crazy off the wall glam? He got you. He represents that adventurous streak we all have that nudges us to check out that wild print behind all the black shirts on the rack. 

Next week we'll bring you two more icons, but please do tweet us @funkymonsieur with your vintage icons.  Again, it doesn't have to be a star or a well known person.  This could be your pops or the bartender at your local pub.  Let us know!