Flicks: Our Vinyl Weighs a Ton


Seems like all too often we refer to the "little idea that could" sticking to their guns and turning into industry defining success stories.  While those few companies tend to be held up, like baby Simba, as models of fortitude and steadfastness, there are many many more that fold under the pressure of responsibility, ego and sometimes huge payouts. 

This brings us to the case of Stones Throw Records.  Yes, the label is Hip Hop folklore now but that wasn't the case various times during its existence.  The 2014 documentary, Our Vinyl Weighs A Ton chronicles the rise and fall and rise...and fall and rise of the label and its founder, Peanut Butter Wolf. 

If you're not too familiar with the label or its founder, this is a great introduction for the story of one of the more influential, yet unknown crews of all time featuring: Madlib, the late J Dilla, MF DOOM (All Caps please) and many more. 

I more than recommend this flick to everyone as it is great to see a company and its founder keep the dream alive through some really harsh moments and come out on with their standards intact.