That Happend: Everyday People Brunch



Under a magnificently mild summer Saturday skylight at DL in LES gathered what now has to be considered one the more stylish gatherings in NYC, Everyday People.  For those of you who aren't familiar with Everyday People, I'll try to paint the scene. 

Tentatively described as a brunch, one quickly realizes that there are no French toast sticks or omelets to be had at this occasion.  This my friends, was HBCU (Historically Black Colleges and Universities)  Homecoming 2.0, which is fine by me.

Upon skipping past the bouncer and those waiting that weren't so lucky as to know a friend of a friend of the right person, we climbed up to the top level of the Lower East Side club to find a raucous day party.

Saada Ahmed (Right hand of Solange) and Chef Roble Ali (Restauranteur) jointly bring this people watcher's wet dream together.  If you're into scoping wide ranges of street style, this should be right in your wheelhouse. Also, if one is looking to hear the latest in repetitive trap chants, you picked the right place.  The DJs very rarely ventured into new sound territory, so the main attraction was watching the everyone chant, cook and twerk in unison. 

On one hand, I welcomed the beautiful faces and the electricity on that roof. Conversely, it was nothing I hadn't seen before.  The cooler aspect was experiencing it with my crew of awe-inspired Aussies, Londoners and native New Yorkers.