Our Story

The Funky Monsieur was founded in 2014 with an appreciation for the contradictory statement within us all.  Being a Funky Monsieur means injecting individual intuition into longstanding frameworks.

Our home base of Harlem, NYC, has only served to amplify this perspective by shining its notorious blend of culture, circumstance and personality right in our face.  With any offering we present, the aim is to shake foregone associations to their core.  What shouldn't go together, actually can if juxtaposed with the right amount of this and the correct dash of that. 

Our Vintage

All garments presented are hand-picked from various spots around NYC.  They come with their own story for which you will undoubtedly add on to.  We happening think sifting through thrift stores for hours in order to find just the right piece is smashing fun.  Each order is inspected for rips, awkward smells and loose thread before it ever meets your hands. In other words, you don't have to worry about the garment being legit.


Did you know that one T-shirt made from conventional cotton represents 2700 liters of water, and a third of a pound of chemicals, which often contaminate water supplies? One way fashion lovers can cut down on their environmental footprint is through the recycling of clothing.  When you buy from The Funky Monsieur, you are preventing perfectly functional garments from being tossed into the growing number of landfills around the earth.


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